Update: a community is starting to form, of organizations and individuals that share our desire to rescue users from making legal agreements they have not read or cannot understand.  Here are some of the community resources:
Thanks to the community, I belatedly discovered Docracy.   

Docracy is a for-profit company providing open legal documents, which is exactly what we hope to encourage with Youluh.  The synergy between Youluh and open legal documents is this: Youluh will detect that an agreement is based on an open document, and it will tell you about any customizations. Because the agreement is based on an open document, you know that the document has been publicly vetted, so if you don't have time to read it, you can rest assured that others have.  In a world where everyone uses Youluh to check their agreements before accepting, businesses employing open agreements like those at Docracy would gain a competitive advantage, and happier users.