How it Works

Each time you encounter a EULA or Terms of Service or similar, before you accept it you feed it to Youluh (see Wireframes)

Youluh responds quickly with a Report Card

Off course we recommend reading the entire EULA before accepting it, but the report card helps you prioritize what to read first.  For example, you see that this EULA is almost identical to EULAs you've already accepted except for two new parts.  Both parts have been encountered by lots of other users, but one of the parts has comments from other users, so you look at the comments first, then you read both the new parts.  You can leave your own comments if you want.

The EULA becomes part of a library of EULAs in your Youluh account, and you can re-read any of them at any time, they're organized by time/date.

Our privacy policy says we won't share your library with anybody without your consent, and your account can be anonymous if you want, meaning you don't have to give your email address or name.  Anonymous accounts don't have access to the comment reading/writing features, but they still get the basic report card so you can tell which parts are new to you, and all the other statistics.