Development Whiteboard

We have more ideas here, contact us if you'd like access

We're making a prototype that will be web based, for potential kickstarter backers to get an idea how it will work.  Some of the prototype functions will be simulated, and Alfresco will not be involved at first, since Alfresco is one of the costlier components of the system.  We are investigating using Alfresco in the Cloud, which does not currently support API access, but will soon support the CMIS standard (see Introduction to CMISGetting Started with CMIS, and Apache Chemistry)

The all-important search system will use Solr or Elasticsearch running on Ubuntu on Amazon EC2 servers, or Amazon Cloud Search.  For applying the special algorithms that create clause "essences" we plan to use Aspire Community Edition

It is our initial idea to see if we can develop all of the clients using Mono / Xamarin